Hi Bjørn


Good to see you here!

You’ll find the coffee table I made to go with your arm chair.

In early February 2021, I delivered the online portfolio down below to Kim from Ekte as there wasn’t an opportunity to hand him over the printed cards I prepared.

The reason is that among other things I enjoy doing is also designing, making and using furniture. But I might tell you about it later, hopefully.

Have a look at the exact page that Kim found a couple of days after our phone call, if you haven’t already seen it.

Hi Kim


Good to talk to you at least for a moment the last Friday over the phone.


The portfolio for Ekte


Further down you’ll find my recent furniture project, a coffee table that partially demonstrates my thinking and skills.

The design is inspired by Bjørn Viggo Ottem’s (graphic designer at Tank, Tromsø) BV01 Lounge Chair created by you, Ekte.

The colour of the coffee table is not the same as on the chair. Neither the exact material as it otherwise wouldn’t fit in our apartment : ) I hope that you can see through it. Furthermore, teak wood is quite expensive and we keep our expenses at a minimum, as I and my partner are after moving to Norway still not working. Yet, you might see the design elements talking the BV01’s language, I think.

After the visual proposal below you will glimpse some of the work processes accompanying me through the making of the table.

Lastly, there is my CV at the bottom that will give you some additional information about me if you like to browse it through, and my final words.

Anyway, that is pretty much it for now.


Hope you’ll enjoy it.



a laptop screen on which is an arm chair
a wooden table's profile
stylish coffee table in brown color
close up of the coffee table
detail of the open shelf of a hand made coffee table

Work processes

I had great fun to work on the project. Hopefully sooner or later I’ll be able to do more of it and even make some living from it.

By the way, the material is hobbyplate (laminated pine boards). It’s not an ideal one but I had to balance out a few factors taking me to the decision. Even though cutting the wood was kind of art on its own without cracking it, the hobbyplate is quite flexible and well bonded I found. Nevertheless, let’s see how long it’ll last when carefully used.

The coffee table is stained by an instant coffee and protected by not-toxic Shellac. Finally, the legs are attached to the open shelf and the top by 6mm dowels and glued with a PVA water-based glue.

work in progress of the inspirational arm chair BV 01
design process captured with paper, pencil and a ruler
designed stencil placed on a wooden board from which it'll be cut out
a strip ratchet used to hold the coffee's table parts together while gluing
sack of shellac resin that was applied to protect the surface of the table
painting of the coffee table using instant coffee as a stain



photo of Jozef Palguta

View from the Varden Toppen in Tromsø towards south and the town centre


Hei, I am Jozef who moved to Tromsø from UK with my partner as we believe in the same values as Norwegian society does.

Equality, trust and collaboration to name but a few. We also believe in nature we are surrounded by here in Tromsø. Furthermore, we would love to bring up our family in such a society and the environment.

To find out more about me just browse the CV. Or even better, get in touch!


(mainly communication based)


Graphic Designer / Founder

(part time) working in a graphic design studio with sustainable businesses,
not-for-profit organisations and charities
2011- present

Project coordinator / Founder

(part time) working in a not-for-profit organisation helping people from different
countries to understand each other better
2016 – present


(part time) working with the British National Health Service and local government
in Sheffield as interpreter predominantly with Slovak Roma (Gipsy)
2013 – 2020

Night shelter worker

working as a volunteer with charity called Assist and with asylum seekers in a
night shelter to stay with them over night and support them whenever needed
2017 – 2020

Personal details


Jozef Palguta
Otervegen 56
9017 Tromsø
[email protected]
+47 98678501



Bachelor of Arts / Graphic Design
University of Hull Great Britain
2008 – 2011

Urban planning and Architecture
Technical College Poprad Slovakia
1995 – 1999


Slovak (mother tongue)
Czech (fluent)
English (fluent)
Norwegian (basic)


Graphic Design
Furniture designing and making
Permaculture (growing food symbiotically)
Sourdough bread baking
Wine making
Life : )



Working with you.

It would be great to work with you at least part-time if possible. I could even help you out with a major project if it jumps from around the corner and you will need temporarily another pair of hands.

If there is nothing at the moment and you will be interested to take me on board in the future, as you mentioned over the phone, that would be good too, if I won’t be working somewhere else at the time.

In the end, if you think that I could help you with something else then furniture making, or you know anyone who I could help out with a project or two, forward them my details if that’s not a big ask.

Otherwise, I would like to thank you for the inspiration.

I had a great time and experience working on the project : )


Ha det bra.